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Therefore, while severe sunburn may trigger melanoma, regular small amounts of mild sun exposure produces melanin in the skin, which protects against sun induced free radical damage. Therefore, mild to moderate sun exposure may prevent it. Sunlight also helps the skin lipids to kill bacteria..

English majors often go on to postgraduate study not only in English but in such areas as law, business, education, or other liberal disciplines.Majors can emphasize writing, literature, or rhetoric, or a mix of literature, writing, and rhetoric. All provide a liberal education and all develop analytic and writing skills. Qualified students may participate in the career internship and in the English honors program.Students interested in earning certification in secondary education should contact the College of Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Thanks. After a hiatus last year when the state flag was removed at the police station in order to fly the state’s bicentennial flag, the mississippi state flag is flying again .” we reached out to police to get their response. Chief bart aguirre told us that last year the department flew the state bicentennial flag last year and should have taken it down on december 10th.

You also have the option of isvneting in a precious metals mutual fund (such as GLD or SLV), which has a lower entry price than physical gold or gold options. This is an isvnetment that reduces the risk that you are exposed to in other areas. Historically, gold and silver have mostly retained their value relative to inflation, so while it is not an isvnetment that you will see grow very much beyond keeping up with inflation (outside of unusual circumstances), it will not suffer losses as readily as other isvnetments including cash.

Hinkle back up English performance with 20 points Sunday. Grandy Glaze scored 18 and Alex Johnson had 17. The fifth starter, Rashaun Broadus, chipped in with 10 points.Saturday night, in the Edge first game in franchise history, no more than three points separated the two teams, with the lead exchanging several times, including when the Storm went up by two with 11 seconds left in a three point shot by Franklin Sessions.But on the following possession after a timeout, the Edge inbounded the ball from mid court.

As you begin your search for the perfect ceiling fan, you’ll soon realize that you have dozens and dozens of choices. Perhaps you’re looking for something fun for your playroom. Maybe you’d like something sleek and sophisticated for your dining room.

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