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We the workers are responsible for all wealth. But we are completely excluded from owning or managing this wealth. We aren’t allowed to direct how the means of production are organized, or what they’re organized for. The system is, however, really flawed. First up are mortgage holders or equity loan holders other than the mortgage that foreclosed on the property. These guys are usually the first ones in line for the money.

Travish82I think I’m done with technology until batteries advance. As it stands now, my smartphone has to sit on the charger for half the day, and it looks like these glasses are no different. The only battery powered tech I own that’s worth a crap is my eInk Kindle Touch.

“I had a buddy of mine call me the other day and he’s like, ‘Hey man, you going long? Just say long. That’s all I need to know,'” Bryan recalled. “And I’m like, ‘It’s 8:30 in the morning, I don’t know what,’ and he goes, ‘On the anthem. Advance serves both the do it yourself and professional installer markets. As of April 19, 2014, Advance operated 5,276 company operated stores, 105 Worldpac branches, and served approximately 1,400 independently owned Carquest branded stores in 49 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada. Advance employs approximately 74,000 Team Members.

The arraignment of the 20 year old Dartmouth man who has been charged with second degree murder in the Jan. 1 stabbing death of Southside Harbour native Jonathan Beaton was postponed until Wednesday. A conflict prevents Legal Aid from representing Lamb, but the service will help him find other representation.

What he also has is a set of skills that are exceptionally valuable to me in my business. As a real estate developer in this ultra competitive market I need a representative in the trenches who not only has an incredible network, much of that earned from his impeccable reputation, but who can analyze deals from my perspective. His market knowledge is solid and when he lists one of my projects I know we are going to get top dollar.

Senator Lamar Alexander on Wednesday said the government funding bill will fully fund construction of Chickamauga Lock for the fourth consecutive year, providing up to $78 million which is more than twice the amount of funding the project received last year. Senator Alexander said he has made completion of Chickamauga Lock one of his top priorities as chairman . (click for more).

“Finlay played with the Midget ‘A’ Bulldogs last year and he created some good scoring chances this year. Oliver played Bantam ‘AA’ last year and he is a Grade 10 student. He is gifted offensively, has a good shot and is a good skater. I remember her helping to plant gardens and picking the harvest for the supper meal. I could see her playing double dutch with her friends and siblings. Running through the paths in the bush with her sling shot and bow and arrows.

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