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A Chevrolet Trailblazer traveling west behind the Ford pickup then hit both vehicles. A woman driving the GMC Jimmy and a man driving the Ford Ranger died at the scene. The three people in the Chevy Trailblazer were taken to Aurora Medical Center in Summit with non life threatening injuries.

Will be basically one page and they can view all the tax bills that are issued, Galarneau said. Best part is we won be charged for it. Said users will go to the specific parcel they are seeking a bill for and select the info tab. Smith, 67, has no criminal record, according to Placer County sheriff’s detectives.But because of the activities of Kidd in California, the legitimate Smith had liens placed against tax refunds, been denied medical care, and had his driver’s license suspended. He was even put in jail for eight days under an arrest warrant because of Kidd’s criminal activities on the other side of the country.Hoffmann said his work includes petitioning the court to find Larry Smith innocent in all seven prior criminal cases involving Kidd.As well, plans are to use the California Department of Justice database of people who had their identities stolen to help clear Smith’s tarnished name.”Larry Smith will have access to that database in the event anyone suspects that he committed the crimes for which Mr. Kidd was responsible,” Hoffmann said..

That committee was advised then that city staff were currently working on this. That was eight years ago. The information that we got is that this is still not in place,” said Raven.. When you buy used equipment you can find incredible savings. I found a Rhode and Schwartz spectrum analyzer that originally retailed for over $60,000 in an online search. The used or reconditioned version of this same device was listed for just over 14 thousand dollars.

He also explained public consultations would be held with the residents in town before any plans were made final, and added the campground would follow strict rules regarding noise.While this seemed to satisfy the concerned resident for now, Yachimetz’s answers led the meeting down another off agenda path.The meeting started to get a bit out of hand at this point, with some residents alleging kids in town were vandalizing property and making noise late at night, amongst other accusations. One resident warned council that without a larger police presence in town, some people may resort to vigilante justice.Storey felt the three reserves would be stronger if they were combined into one, larger reserve.The reserve form the sale of Karen’s Cafe ($6,722.68), the fleet services reserve ($4,219.91) and the protective services reserve ($530.17) had all be in existence and inactive for more than a few years, according to agenda documents.With each containing only a small balance and having no defined purposes, Storey was asking for council to consolidate the three reserves into the operating contingency reserve, something that would make his job easier.The letter explained the town’s plan for a water reservoir expansion was included in that prioritized list.According to Storey, funding for the project had been confirmed at a total of $3,808,827. The funding will be split three ways, with equal contributions of $1,269,609 coming from the federal government, provincial government and the Town of Calmar itself.The letter went on to say that while the town may start their project, they ask that any plans for a public announcement be held off on for now until the federal and provincial governments have had the opportunity to make a joint announcement of approved projects..

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