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Location:End of Hwy. Visitors enjoy galleries filled with native art, all of which offer information on Native Americans from across the United States, as well as artifacts from the first inhabitants of Hatteras Island. This museum is designated as a North Carolina Environmental Education Center and a Historic Albemarle Tour site, and it alsohome to a newly opened bird observation room and several acres of nature trails winding through a lush maritime forest.

Seven young girls took part in the classes, which had them practicing with and without their tails.developed the program as a progression, beginning with the simplest skills and moving to more difficult ones with two goals in mind safety and self confidence, Berkeley commented.The girls started off practicing some key swimming techniques such as flutter kicks, glides, dolphin kick and more, without their tails. From there they moved on to using flippers and practicing the same skills. Finally, they used what they had learned and started practicing with their tails on.saw so much improvement in their skills and confidence week to week and the girls were all so excited to be mermaids, Berkeley said.The classes wrapped up with a graduation ceremony on Friday, Nov.

Look forward to redeveloping the parcel; Butch looks forward to it as well, said Steve Vegliante, an attorhey for the developers. Will bring some very much needed sales tax back into the coffers. While there was no opposition voiced during a public hearing this past week on transferring the plaza to the Funding Corporation, the last step before handing it over to developers Butch and Steve Resnick, Town of Thompson Supervisor Tony Cellini later expressed some concerns..

Our first guest of the day is Chris Parsons, provincial coordinator of the Nova Scotia Health Coalition. He says the provincial budget released yesterday is leaving our healthcare system treading water. And Gary MacLeod, chair of Advocates for the Care of the Elderly, reacts to the provincial budget from a senior care perspective..

So how can we achieve all this? Well, we’ve talked about some of it. I think one of the things we ought to really look at is how do you simplify, streamline, and standardize all the paperwork that’s involved because I can tell you as a doctor, and my two colleagues who are physicians will know, that it takes you away from patient care. It interferes with the doctor patient relationship.

A moon is the second full moon in one month, which happens once every 2 years. A moon is when the moon is at its closest proximity to earth and appears larger than the average full moon; this occurs 4 6 times every year. Finally, a lunar eclipse is when the earth blocks the sun rays from reaching the moon, creating a reddish appearance on the moon surface; this happens about 2 4 times each year.

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